lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013


 I have read several times that olive oil is the best to make soap. If it´s 100% olive oil, it produces a hard soap that doesn´t generate too much foam. Some describe it as "smooth and creamy," and some describe it as "slimy." But it´s a soap that is more gentle to the skin than any other, and doesn´t leave residue. So, I couldn´t avoid to try to make it.
The first step is to prepare lye with water and sodium hydroxide

It´s very easy to find recipes on the Internet. I chose this cosmetic soap recipe: 500 grs olive oil, 65 grs sodium hydroxide (99% pure), and 160 grs of distilled water. The amount of sodium hydroxide is lower than usual, looking for a small part of the oil remains unsaponified, and so get a soap with a better touch. Then, in the beginning the color of the soap is between yellow and orange.
stirring the ingredientes

The first step is to prepare lye with water and sodium hydroxide. You must be VERY careful because the last is very caustic. After, mix lye and olive oil and stir them until all the ingredients are well emulsified. To stir is recommended an electric beater, if you don't want spend too much time doing it by hand.

The soap will be hard in 24-48 hours and then we remove it from the mould, and cut it in small bars. Finally, the olive oil soap must rest for 4 weeks before to use it. In this time, the color change to white.

This is not a tutorial, if you are thinking to try it, is important a good planning before to start.